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Recondition the battery of your e-bike and save money! 

Battery World reconditions the battery of your electric bicycle, scooter or other light electric vehicles. Reconditioning your e-bike battery will cost you less than buying a new one, without reducing the quality, power and autonomy of your battery.

Reconditioning an electric bicycle battery is also better for the environment than to produce a new one in a far away country! 

Batterie vélo électrique

Reconditioning an electric bicycle battery has many advantages: 

You choose the power of your e-bike battery

You choose the battery power and decide whether you want to keep the same range of the original battery or if you want to upgrade you e-bike battery and boost the range and autonomy of your electric bicycle!

Save up to 50% compared to a new battery! 

Even if you opt for upgrading your battery, it will cost you less than purchasing a new one!


Reconditioned battery allow you to keep some original components and limit waste. Replaced cells will be recycled according to strictest European regulation.

Made in Europe

All our electric bicycle batteries are reconditioned in Europe!

How does it work?

1. Bring us your e-bike battery in one of our Battery World Shops

2. Choose the power of your e-bike battery:

- Keep original power and range

- Increase the power of your e-Bike battery and increase the autonomy and range of your electric bicycle. We have a large range of options!

3. We take care of the reconditioning of your electric bicycle battery and we call you when it's ready!

 We only works with local partners!

4. You pickup your electric bike battery at our Shop

 Battery World Brussels

Contact us for any question regarding the reconditioning of a battery for electric bicycle!

Don't hesitate to contact us for any questions regarding our products or an e-bike battery in Brussels!

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