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Discover our retailer in Brussels. 

Delivery of Batteries in Brussels €20 VAT included!

Always with free installation!

Do you need a car battery, motorcycle battery or battery for commercial vehicle? Our technicians will come to your place and will take care of the installation of the battery in your vehicle, whatever the brand!

Delivery in Brussels

€20 VAT incl. (installation included!)

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- Our Batteries and Products  -

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Car Batteries

   Discover our full range of car batteries. Battery World has always the battery that fit your needs, whatever the brand, model and registration year of your vehicle. With our strong brands VARTA, Numax, Optima and others, we cover 100% of road vehicles in Europe!

Car Batteries  

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Motorcycle Battery Brussels  

Battery World has a full range of Motorcycle BatteriesAGM Liquifix batteries,
AGM VRLA batteries, Gel batteries and special batteries for Harley Davidson. Whatever the brand and model of you motorcycle, you will always find at Battery World the battery that you need.

Motorcycle Batteries

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Marine Batteries
and Hobbies 

Battery World proposes a large range of batteries for Boats, Motor Homes and Golf Carts. Whatever your Hobby or Sport Activity, Battery World always has the battery you need!

Marine Batteries and Hobbies

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Boosters & Chargers 

Battery World proposes you a large range of Boosters, Starters and Battery Chargers. Whatever the battery you need to boost or charge you will always find the right equipment in our Battery Shops.

                Boosters and Chargers                                        

Battery World

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 Free installation

For All our Batteries!

Battery World offers you free installation and free fitment for all car batteries, motorcycles batteries, commercial vehicles batteries and batteries for other vehicles. Thanks to the advanced technologies AGM, VRLAGel batteries and batteries Start & Stop, you are sure to find the battery you need.

Our Products

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Solar Panels Batteries

Battery World proposes you Solutions to Store the energy of your energy plant, being solar panelswind turbines or any other kind of renewable energy plants, and whatever your needs in energy.

Solar Panels batteries

Solar Panels batteries 

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Small Batteries and accessories

In our Battery World Stores you will always find the battery you need. From the AA and AAA to watch cells, and also rechargeable batteries and lithium batteries, Battery World Brussels offers a full range of special and standard batteries.

Small Batteries

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Batteries for e-Bikes

Battery World reconditions all batteries for electric bikes and e-bikes!
Whatever the brand and model of your e-Bike, by reconditioning the battery you will save around 50% of the price of a new battery (without compromising battery power and life!)

e-Bike Batteries

Best Brands

All our batteries have a 2 years
or more warranty

Free Installation and Fitment

Our Battery Experts take care of 
the installation and fitment of
all our car, motorcycle and 
commercial vehicles batteries.

We recycle up to 100%
of ours Batteries

Battery World Brussels offers you a large range of batteries, accumulators, chargers and boosters for all kind of batteries.

You will always find in our Battery World Stores the battery that fits your vehicle, whatever the brand, model and the year of registration. Discover all our batteries in our two retailers in Brussels. We always offer you the installation and fitment for all our car batteries, motorcycle batteries and commercial vehicle batteries.