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With its range of NOCO, Schumacher, GYS or SPE Chargers, Battery World meets all your needs in terms of charge or charge maintenance.

The chargers we have selected are able to charge all types of batteries (motorcycles, quads, cars, motorhomes, boats, utility vehicles, handling equipment, lifting carts, etc.) of all types of technology (Liquid, Gel, AGM).

Our chargers offer a wide variety of charging currents and voltages.

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- Boosters -  

Battery World has selected a very complete range of autonomous starters (boosters) from the GYS and NOCO brands. These chargers, intended for both light vehicles, commercial vehicles and HGVs, are fitted with either a conventional lead battery or a Lithium-ion battery, a real revolution on this market.


          NOCO Genius is a leading manufacturer of 6-12 and 24 Volt automatic chargers as well as high performance lithium ion boosters.

          NOCO is a leader in its American market and is recognized for the quality and reliability of these products.


          Based in Illinois, Schumacher Electric Corporation leads the sales of battery chargers in the United States market. The company also develops many power conversion products for private and professional users.


          GYS has a very complete range of manual chargers, automatic chargers, automatic chargers with micro processors to charge all types of batteries, liquid, gel, agm, vrla, in 6, 12 and 24 volts

          To meet all the needs of the market and our customers we have selected ...



          S.P.E. Electronics is an Italian family business which was established in 1975 by Sergio Poletti near Bologna.


          S.P.E Electronics has since the 90s become one of the world leaders in the manufacturing of high frequency, single-phase and three-phase industrial chargers. They develop ...