S.P.E Electronics is an Italian family business founded in 1975 by Sergio Poletti near Bologna.

S.P.E Electronics has become since the 90s one of the world leaders in the manufacturing of high frequency, single-phase and three-phase industrial chargers. They are continually developing new products to meet all of the demands of the market and their customers.

S.P.E Electronics currently produces around 200,000 chargers per year and plans to expand its facilities to further increase production.

S.P.E Electronics offers charging systems for various industrial and other equipment: forklifts, access platforms, cleaning equipment, nacelles, boats, etc.

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Compact, efficient and cost effective, the CBHF2 range of chargers is ideal for all HF solutions for small equipment.

A wide range of configurations in terms of tension ...

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Compact, efficient and cost-effective, the CBHF2-HK range of chargers is also ideal for all HF solutions for small equipment. It differs from the range ...

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Specially designed for wall mounting, the chargers in the GREEN2 and GREEN4 ranges are the latest high-frequency charger models from SPE.

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The different chargers in the GREEN6 and GREEN8 range are designed for use on industrial equipment with very high batteries ...

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