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Battery World proposes you Solutions to store the energy of your power plant, being solar panels, wind turbines or any other kind of green energy power plant, and whatever your energy needs and production capacity.

With Battery World you will find the solution that better fits your need and your power plant. Do n ot hesitate to contact us for any kind of information or to discuss about your project!

Solar Panel Battery

Lucas Stationary

Lucas Stationary<br/>Batteries&amp;nbsp;

High Performance Batteries, perfect to store the energy of your Solar Panels. Made in Germany, these batteries have a long life expectancy and grants an optimal energy storage.  


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Batteries Lucas VRLA AGM for energy storage:

  • Fully Sealed and Maintenance-Free

  • High Life Expectancy,

  • Low self-discharge rate,

  • Use in series or in parallel.

Our Products

Stationary Batteries

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Need for a reliable and long lasting source of energy, and in any circumstance? Battery World offers you solutions to provide you with an energy source when and where you need it, both indoor and outdoor.

  • Stationary Batteries for Camping, motor homes and campers.

  • Batteries for Solar Panels.

  • Batteries for audio speakers.

  • Household Batteries