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The LUCAS VRLA AGM range is a complete range of high-end stationary AGM and CYCLIC batteries for all types of applications: Fire-Safety, Toys, Home Automation, Mobility, Renewable energies, ...

The LUCAS VRLA / AGM sealed lead range is made up of 14 references in 6 and 12 volts ranging from 2.1 AH to 20 AH.

The LUCAS VRLA / AGM CYCLIC range is made up of 17 references in 6 and 12 volts ranging from 18 AH to 260 AH

LSLA7-12 LSLC75-12 LSLC125-12  


  • Fully Sealed and Maintenance-Free.
  • High life expectancy - Low self-discharge rate, ideal for seasonal activities.
  • Both series and parallel applications.
  • Easy to use, categorized as safe products.
  • Compact - High energy density allowing higher power / volume and power / weight ratios.
  • High discharge rate, resistance to cycling 5 to 6 times higher compared to conventional liquid electrolyte batteries.

  • Wide range of operating temperatures.
  • Robust construction and high resistance to vibrations.
  • Faster charging than with GEL or Liquid technology.